Fame for the other Lee-Anne!

Lee-Anne Liebenberg playing a tattooed cannibal in a horror movie? You’d better believe it. Well, sort of. It’s not Danny K’s busty girlfriend, but rather Lee-Anne the South African actress, stuntwoman, and star of heat’s very own “Kung Fu Fighting” television ad!

Your Family (February 2008) featuring Lee-Anne Liebenberg

Lights, camera – action!

Lee-Anne Liebenberg’s CV states her weight, height, bust and waist size right down to the measurement of her outer leg. Where most women will dread revealing these stats, Lee-Anne relies on them to get her the job.

Feature image for article in August 1996 issue of Fair Lady featuring Lee-Anne Liebenberg as a gladiator contender representing South Africa

Steel Magnolias

Last year South Africa made its debut appearance in Birmingham in an international challenge. Along with four gladiators – Sahara, Delilah, Impi (personal trainer Bible Mhiza) and Samson (body building champion Robert Dahmen) – South Africa sent three contenders, Prince Sunny, Peter Brits and Lee-Anne Liebenberg.

Article in a 1995 issue of Penthouse magazine featuring Lee-Anne

Lights, camera … ACTION!

For a split-second, Lee-Anne is frozen to the spot with terror. Then she moves, leaping through the air and diving onto concrete as the fender of the big brown Chevy misses her floral-print catsuit by a whisker. Okay, cut. It’s another day on the set of Cyborg Cop 3, and Lee-Anne Liebenberg, 28, is doing what she loves best.