Iconic scene with lighter

Stuntwoman Liebenberg Breaks Bones, Heart in South Africa

Lee-Anne Liebenberg is a South African-born stuntwoman and gorgeous ass-kicker. She doesn’t kick gorgeous asses. She’s gorgeous and can kick your ass. I discovered Liebenberg on a movie set in Cape Town, South Africa. When not on set, Liebenberg also teaches courses to aspiring stunt performers.


Fame for the other Lee-Anne!

Lee-Anne Liebenberg playing a tattooed cannibal in a horror movie? You’d better believe it. Well, sort of. It’s not Danny K’s busty girlfriend, but rather Lee-Anne the South African actress, stuntwoman, and star of heat’s very own “Kung Fu Fighting” television ad!

Your Family (February 2008) featuring Lee-Anne Liebenberg

Lights, camera – action!

Lee-Anne Liebenberg’s CV states her weight, height, bust and waist size right down to the measurement of her outer leg. Where most women will dread revealing these stats, Lee-Anne relies on them to get her the job.

Artikel oor Lee-Anne in die Februarie 2007 uitgawe van Wiel

Attractive, quick, determined

Should you decide to attend a course in advanced driving at the Volkswagen Academy, you may just end up next to Lee-Anne Liebenberg – an attractive brunette who is literally afraid of nothing …

Voorblad van die 19 September 1997 uitgawe van Keur tydskrif

Ai! Nog ‘n Dag by die Werk

Vra vir Lee-Anne Liebenberg hoe háár dag by die werk verloop het en jy hoor “Aag, iemand het die trein opgeblaas. En toe skiet iemand op my. Toe spring ek by ‘n krans van veertig meter af; binne-in water. Maar dit was nie so erg soos die dag toe die leeu my gebyt het nie.”

Feature image for article in August 1996 issue of Fair Lady featuring Lee-Anne Liebenberg as a gladiator contender representing South Africa

Steel Magnolias

Last year South Africa made its debut appearance in Birmingham in an international challenge. Along with four gladiators – Sahara, Delilah, Impi (personal trainer Bible Mhiza) and Samson (body building champion Robert Dahmen) – South Africa sent three contenders, Prince Sunny, Peter Brits and Lee-Anne Liebenberg.


Die Rofste Katjie in die Land

Lee-Anne Liebenberg, Suid-Afrika se voorste vrouewaaghals, raak nie eens opgewonde as sy vertel van dié onderonsie met ‘n leeu op die The Ghost and the Darkness-stel naby Badplaas nie.

Article in a 1995 issue of Penthouse magazine featuring Lee-Anne

Lights, camera … ACTION!

For a split-second, Lee-Anne is frozen to the spot with terror. Then she moves, leaping through the air and diving onto concrete as the fender of the big brown Chevy misses her floral-print catsuit by a whisker. Okay, cut. It’s another day on the set of Cyborg Cop 3, and Lee-Anne Liebenberg, 28, is doing what she loves best.